SugarKane Fibre

Technical Information:

SugarKane Fibre is made from sugarcane selected from cane grown by contracted farmers in northern New South Wales, Australia. These farmers meet Best Farming Practices. Once harvested, the cane is tested for chemicals and heavy metals before being processed.

When manufacturing SugarKane Fibre, only water is added and it is dried at a low temperature to retain nutrients and other benefits. 95% of sugar content is removed while leaving all other components intact.

SugarKane Fibre is produced using a unique chemical-free process.


  •  Clean label, non-genetically modified functional ingredient;
  •  Whole plant origin containing phytonutrients;
  •  Registered with various authorities globally;
  •  Not a novel ingredient.

Although SugarKane Fibre is an insoluble fibre, it behaves like a soluble fibre and therefore brings the best of both when it is used in conjunction with other products.

SugarKane Fibre is available in 10kg bags to food businesses only.

For details on SugarKane Fibre including sales, product trials, inclusion rates and product information please contact us.


Advanced processing technology maintains whole plant cell integrity, providing versatility, nutrient functionality and other benefits which sets SugarKane Fibre apart from other fibres and ingredients.

SugarKane Fibre is a functional ingredient with multiple benefits and applications

For technical information, trials and product development please contact us.


SugarKane Fibre dramatically improves the taste of Gluten Free products, reduces costs, improves yield, texture and shelf life better than alternatives in most baking products.

Particular advantages seen in Pound Cakes, Flat breads, Doughnuts and Gluten Free bread. 




  • Cost savings-improves yield
  • Binds and maintains water and oil in formulations
  • Water Management/control
  • Reduce moisture migration and loss
  • Reduce syneresis. Syneresis is the separation of a liquid from a gel caused be contraction. – eg drying

 Improves Texture:

  • Moister, softer, better texture –even after freeze/thaw process
  • Baked product stability & Integrity
  • Extends shelf life

Other benefits:

  • Replaces fat while maintaining/improving taste and mouthfeel
  • Partially replaces gums, binders, emulsifiers and preservatives
  • Adds fibre and nutrients
  • Reduces calories
  • Lowers GI
  • Clean label
  • No E numbers

Processed Meats

The inclusion of SugarKane Fibre in trials has delivered a range of benefits and cost savings.

Water Management Control

  • Retains more moisture than other fibres/fillers at cooked stage
  • Reduce moisture migration and loss at the chilled/freezer
  • Reduce syneresis, purge at defrost stage

Texture Benefit

  • Juicier product retains moisture longer, better texture even after sitting and throughout freeze/thaw
  • Cooking stability and integrity
  • Cost savings as, under same preparation, end product retains more moisture while having lower water activity
  • Initial work showed customer preference for the mouthfeel of the final product with SugarKane Fibre inclusion
  • Clean label
  • No E numbers 

Healthier Products

Today there is more scrutiny on labels and customers demanding healthier products.

SugarKane Fibre™ inclusion has the ability for many snacks and other products to make fibre and potentially other health claims as well as “cleaning up” the label.


  • Lowers the GI load of a meal when the meal includes 3.5g of SugarKane Fibre™
  • Improves fibre content
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • Aids Digestive health
  • Aids satiety
  • Weight loss